Speaking up!

Britain is one of the worst destinations for people seeking asylum in Western Europe – only Italy fares worse.   The stark facts about Britain

  • Takes fewer refugees
  • Offers less generous support
  • Provides housing that is often substandard
  • Does not allow asylum seekers the right to work
  • Has long bureaucratic delays

Furthermore Britain has the lowest rate of asylum approvals amongst the big European countries. The average granted in Europe is 63- 65% compared with roughly a third in the UK.  Even more glaring is the gradual reduction in approvals occurring at the first attempt but then being overturned at appeal stage at more cost.

Britain provides less in financial support than Spain, France and Germany (though not Italy).   In Britain an asylum seeker receives £36.95 a week to cover food, clothing, transport and all other costs. In France, asylum seekers receive almost double this amount at £65.59 per week, as well as accommodation.  The French Council of State found this rate was “manifestly insufficient” and ordered the French Government to increase it.

Britain has the strictest restrictions on asylum seekers working.  In Spain asylum seekers can work from the time they apply for asylum and submit their documentation.  In Italy,they can apply to work after 6 months and in Germany, asylum seekers can apply for work three months after their claim with certain vetting conditions and in France after nine months but in limited occupations…

When it comes to helping asylum seekers, Britain left Europe a long time ago!