Frequently Asked Questions

What does WTRRP do?

We support asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants without status in the UK.
We have caseworkers who provide advice on issues such as immigration and housing.
On Tuesdays we run a drop-in service providing advice and support to all.
We run a weekly social hub in Watford open to all our clients.
We teach English and other life skills.
We help children of clients participate in sporting and other activities.

What can I do to help?

All financial donations, big or small, are very much appreciated in order to support our work.
Could you join our fundraising team?
We always need volunteers to join our organisation.
Are you a local business who could support us?

Why do refugees need help?

It is hard being in a new country without your family and a support network. Many of our clients are isolated. The State provides only minimal help to those awaiting asylum decisions – and decisions can take several years.

Are asylum seekers illegal?

To seek asylum is not illegal. Some of our clients are awaiting decisions on asylum. As a result of their experiences, many have a well-founded belief that they will be in danger if they return home.

Is it illegal to help asylum seekers?

No one breaks the law by feeding the starving or giving shelter where it is needed.

What sort of people are asylum seekers?

Our clients are normal people – many are hard working and employable but without the option of working for a living, others may be in need of more help.

Do you help children?

Yes, we work with lots of families who have been forced to flee their home countries. Some families have been through appalling experiences.

Who is behind the project?

We are a small voluntary organisation that has two members of staff. We have recently been able to employ a full-time caseworker due to a successful lottery bid.
Chair: Tim Whittaker, Treasurer: Victoria Shaw, Volunteer Coordinators: Jane Byng and Georgie McCarthy, Casework workers: Tareq Ghaleb, Sue Ellison, Distribution Coordinator: John Gray, Drop-In Coordinator: Paul Tucker, Secretary: Lawrence Blake.

Is WTRRP a registered charity?

Yes, our charity number is 1162226.