Our Vision

We exist to serve vulnerable and needy people; both adults and children in the Watford and Three Rivers area who are without ‘leave to remain‘ in this country and often without ‘recourse to public funds’.

Our objective is to provide practical and emotional support, ultimately helping our clients achieve a sustainable position as full members of our society.

A key word that you’ll see in all our literature is ‘befriend.’ This, perhaps first and foremost, means providing some comfort and friendship to those who have found themselves in an unfamiliar country where they may not speak the language. ‘Language’ of course includes the peculiar dialect called English Legalese, which defeats even native speakers, and is sadly prevalent in the world of application forms, court hearings and official letters.

This world of bureaucracy can be tough for refugees and asylum seekers, but our volunteers stand alongside our clients every step of the way.

  • We make sure that the human rights of those who come to us are assured
  • We don’t replace the social services or the legal aid system but we do help provide access to them
  • We work closely with like-minded organisations including the Red Cross, Homestart, New Hope Trust

You can find out more about our aims and the charity’s governance by reading our constitution.