Food donations needed

WTRRP is continuing its relationship with Watford Food Bank, which helps us meet the monthly needs of our clients if we are unable to do so through donations to WTRRP alone.

For example, between the 3rd of April 2017 and the 19th of March 2018, we distributed almost 10.6 tonnes of food to our clients. Of that total, 5.6 tonnes came from food donations to WTRRP, and the remainder was provided by the Food Bank. The Food Bank also allows WTRRP use its warehouse to pack and store our own food donations.

The Food Bank is currently facing a serious shortage, caused by a combination of factors including the severe weather over the winter and changes to the benefits system. We’re determined not to deplete the Food Bank’s supplies any further and this is where you can help.

We’re most in need of the following items:

  • Small packets of rice
  • Tinned meat
  • Tinned peas and carrots
  • Tinned tomatoes
  • Tinned fruit
  • Jam
  • Coffee
  • Milk, squash & fruit juices

If you’d like to donate food, please contact Mick and Jeanette Hayter, our food coordinators:

tel 01923  262781

mob 07875  668569