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Building the WTRRP Grants team

When I first joined WTRRP in the summer of 2018, Marie-Jo and Dorothy told me that one of the biggest problems facing the charity is that we don’t have enough funding or any paid staff to help us… Read More

‘It has brought my dignity back’: John’s story

People seeking asylum in the UK are only able to apply for the right to work after they have been waiting for a decision on their asylum claim for over a year. Even then, the few people who… Read More

Learning from Africa

Across UK and the rest of Europe, asylum policies are failing refugees and migrants. Now is a good time to look towards Africa, and Uganda in particular, for a different perspective. Uganda is currently accommodating 1.4 million refugees… Read More

In conversation with Ajoba

Ajoba (not her real name) has been a client of WTRRP ever since she arrived in the Watford area in 2012. She originally comes from Ghana and she and her partner have four children, all boys. She rarely… Read More

A day in the life of a volunteer at the drop-in centre

Opening up We are lucky to have such a calm space available to us at St John’s Church on Sutton Road (our thanks always to Father David). The kettle goes on and the drop-in is officially open! Tuesday… Read More

Misleading public statements!

Our political climate has allowed inaccurate statements to be broadcast with often partisan sources rushing to push their own agendas. Some statements have had a profound political impact, shaping campaigns and influencing votes.  Here are just a few… Read More

Helping clients find their way through the legal maze

Our clients come to the ‘Drop-in centre’ at St John’s Church for many different reasons. Perhaps the biggest challenge they face is the process of making an application to the Home Office for ‘leave to remain’. The complexity… Read More

Navigating in the dark

Dave Smith, Founder of the Boaz Trust and speaker at our AGM shares his story: I first started working with asylum seekers in December 1999 while at Mustard Tree in Manchester – a charity I’d set up to… Read More

Help us to improve the lives of our clients

While some of our clients are single adults, most have travelled here with their families. WTRRP has organised a series of outings over the past 18 months, aimed at supporting children and young adults during their transition to… Read More

WTRRP drop-in centre

Helping our clients navigate a confusing system  She came to the drop-in centre having made her application for permission to remain in the UK, but had not heard anything for several months. Confused and unsure – was there… Read More