Look out for Refugee Week (19th – 25th June)

This special week takes place every year with the main event being World Refugee Day on 20th June.  This is a period set aside to promote better understanding of why people seek sanctuary in the UK.

Please come to the Café in the Park, Rickmansworth, Aquadrome on 22nd and 23rd June to see a collection of treasured keepsakes that our clients hang onto that remind them of bonds with the past, their family and friends and also good experiences of things that have happened to them.   Why not stay on at the Café for the ‘supper’ fundraising event on 22nd  – all proceeds to Refugee charities in our area i.e. High Wycombe Helping Others and Third Wave Charity – Solar Lights to Refugees as well as WTRRP.

Many clients can only hold onto a few such articles but on these 2 days during Refugee Week, our clients will be sharing their mementos to enable us to visualise the pain and human cost of separation from loved ones, culture and customs to highlight that no one chooses to be in their situation.