The price of becoming British

We exist to help people who don’t have status in this country, all with the common issue that they don’t have a home to ‘go back’ to.

Home Office and legal fees to get Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK are unaffordable. Most people have to follow the so-called 10-year route: the applicant can apply to stay within the UK on the grounds that if they do not stay within the UK, their right to family life will be breached (Article 8 Human Rights Act: this is the right to family and private life). 

Applicants must first apply for 30-month Discretionary Leave to Remain, and Indefinite Leave to Remain can be applied for after four periods of Discretionary Leave to Remain.

Average cost for one adult to get Indefinite Leave to Remain:

  • Leave to remain original application + 3 renewals: £4,132
  • Health surcharge for 10 years: £4000 
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain application: £2,389

TOTAL: £10,521 plus legal fees of perhaps £1500 per application (no legal aid here for many years!) making £16,521.

Once you have Indefinite Leave to Remain, you can apply for citizenship – the application fee is £1330. Then you can go for a passport, £85. 

The bottom line…
about £18,000!!!