My first WTRRP family party

As a new volunteer, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I offered my help at the September party. It was a wet and dismal day, but as soon as I walked into the sports hall at Edge Grove School, I felt the buzz of activity and camaraderie.

Children, teenagers and adults were joining in the games together – soft play, basketball and table tennis among others, and there was a hubbub of chat from the spectators around the edges. It was delightful to see the warmth of the relationships between befrienders and clients, and between the clients themselves.

My ‘job’ was to help with the food, and I was amazed to see three long tables literally groaning with plates of goodies of all descriptions, all donated by volunteers and clients. I couldn’t imagine how we’d get through it all, but plates were piled high in true party style and boxes meant leftovers could be taken home. It all vanished!

“I discovered that there are many delicious varieties of falafel, and that all children, regardless of culture and nationality, love pizza!”

The young mother I befriend enjoyed the party as a chance to talk to others, and was grateful for the opportunity it gave her pre-school son to play and make friends. For me, the best thing was to see this charity at work, providing warm and generous outreach and friendship to those who are settling in to an alien environment and whose families may be far away.

Libby, befriender