More food needed urgently – Can you help?

Food donations are down and the shelves at Watford Foodbank are looking bare. And now the summer holidays are upon us – often the hardest time for families as children are fed all their meals at home.

We partnered with the Foodbank in 2015, when we could no longer cope with sourcing and handling the sheer volume of basic food items needed all year round for the growing list of individuals and families that we support. Since then, the Foodbank has been the backbone of our food parcel operation, enabling a joined-up approach to collecting, storing, packing and then distributing food to our clients.

“We urgently need coffee, sugar, UHT milk & juices, cereals, tinned sponge & rice puddings, tinned vegetables, tinned meat, fish & fruit, nappies, liquid detergents & toiletries “

While we now receive more basic food items such as baked beans, tinned tomatoes and pasta, we urgently need coffee, sugar, UHT milk and juices, cereals, tinned sponge and rice puddings, tinned vegetables, tinned meat and fish and fruit, nappies, liquid detergents and toiletries. Size doesn’t matter as small tins go to individuals and larger tins to families.

For the last three years, Watford Foodbank has been our saviour. Many of our clients only have just enough food to scrape by on, so the packages we supply are a lifeline.

As we head into summer, and with demand far outstripping our supply, WTRRP needs more food to replenish the Foodbank shelves.

If you can help with food donations, please get in touch by emailing or call 07875668569.

Mick Hayter, Foodbank coordinator