Clients share their experiences at AGM

A highlight of this year’s AGM in March was a session led by Sara Barratt, chair of the Case Review Committee, during which some of the charity’s clients shared their experiences.

The discussion was an important reminder of the numerous challenges faced by our clients who are striving to make a better life for themselves and their families in an unfamiliar country. We were also mindful of their courage, both in terms of the difficulties they face and speaking about them in a public arena. We are grateful to them for helping us to understand something of what it is like for them.


Amina was forced to flee her home country without her family. She was alone for two and a half years before her family was able to join her and her health suffered as a result of the stress.

‘To start with, I just needed someone to listen to me’ she said. ‘I’m really thankful to WTRRP for doing that’.

Amina is happy that she now has her family with her, but life is still tough. Her three children were bullied at school, returning home every day in tears. Amina was worried that complaining to the school would make matters worse. Her husband is struggling with learning English but is persevering. He hopes to find work but at the moment Amina is the only wage earner, working long hours on low wages to help her family survive. She said: ‘It’s still not easy but we are coping’.


Abebe achieved her ‘status’ as a refugee in 2016. Soon afterwards, she decided to go to college to undertake an access to nursing course, improving her employment prospects and allowing her to support her three young children.

Having almost completed her course, she plans to apply for a university place this summer to continue her studies if she can secure sponsorship. It’s been hard work and she has also been anxious to ensure that her children are happy, having coped well with changes and the difficulties that arise from financial pressures. ‘To god be the glory’ said Abebe, ‘It’s not easy to be a mother and a student’.   

WTRRP has contributed towards initial college fees and helped the family move to more appropriate accommodation.

Clients’ names changed