A Little Business…

The main governance issues discussed at our AGM on the 19th of March were as follows:

    Those in attendance voted unanimously in favour of re-electing the committee for the next 12 months: Paul Shaw (treasurer), Dorothy Knightley (secretary), Marie-Jo Churchill (volunteer coordinator), Andrea Hudson (ESOL lead), Sara Barratt (case review officer), Tony Rindl (deputy chair) and Tim Whittaker (chair).

    The constitution currently states that the AGM should be held in February. This is now impractical as a result of the charity’s growth (given that financial accounts need to be prepared ahead of the meeting). The constitution will therefore be amended to specify that the AGM must be held in the first half of every year.

   We have updated our Privacy Policy, effective from 25 May for all our volunteers, clients and supporters. A full explanation of how we use your information, including your choices, rights, and controls, is on our website at www.wtrrp.org.uk/privacy We will summarise this policy in a future newsletter

   An amended version of the constitution will be circulated and published on the website in the coming months and will be approved at the 2019 AGM.