A heartfelt thank you from Isla and Alamini

In our spring newsletter, we announced that thanks to our generous supporters, we exceeded our target of raising £6,198 to support Leave to Remain applications for clients Isla and Alamini and their three children.

A total of £10,303 (including gift aid) was raised, most of which was donated in just 48 hours – a truly remarkable response.

Since the appeal, we’re delighted to report that a Leave to Remain application for Isla and Alamini and the youngest of their children has been submitted to, and accepted by, the Home Office. This means the family is no longer at risk of deportation. 

The money raised will also enable the couple to apply for British passports for their other children next year. By then, the children will be ten years old, and having lived in the UK for ten years, they will be eligible to apply for British citizenship. If granted, they will have secured their future permanently.

Any remaining money, with the agreement of the family, will be held in our newly established emergency fund to help others who find themselves in similarly critical situations.

Isla and Alamini would like to thank everyone who donated and shared messages of solidarity. They have expressed heartfelt gratitude to everyone and have said that knowing that so many people cared for them helped them through what was the most traumatic period of their lives. Many of you donated anonymously and we hope that Isla and Alamini’s gratitude will somehow find a way to reach you. 

“A total of £10,303 (including gift aid) was raised, most of which was donated in just 48 hours – a truly remarkable response.”

Special thanks also to volunteers Steve and Derek for setting up the Virgin Money Giving page and kick-starting this incredible appeal, our friends at the Breslaff Centre and the CMW Charitable Trust for a generous donation to help establish our emergency fund.